Who are we?


The team that runs Body Shift have 20 plus years of experience working in the field of integrated arts and education.


Body Shift offers classes, workshops, and performances which provide a welcoming environment that empowers people of all abilities to embrace dancing in their own unique way. This in turn creates a diverse community of people who find joy in dancing together.


Check out photos and videos from past performances and intensives.


Lear more about our experiences, observations, and adventures as we explore the field of integrated dance.

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2:30 pm — 4:30 pm
@ Townlake YMCA
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What's new?

  • Simi Linton, disability scholar and activist

    Dance as an art form

    Dance as an art form provides expression, celebration, exploration, and transformation for all people.
  • Alito Alessi, founder of DanceAbility

    I see movement as a language.

    I see movement as a language. By listening to our bodies speaking, we can access wisdom and ways of relating different from that offered through spoken language. Through non-verbal communication, movement improvisation offers a way to make self-empowered, holistic, educated choices about relationships.
  • Heidi Latsky, artistic director of Heidi Latsky Dance

    Have people see things in a different way.

    That’s a lot of what I’m trying to do with my work: expose people to people with all kinds of bodies, on stage or in an art installation, with the hopes that seeing a diverse group will redefine what they see as beautiful, or virtuosic—to shatter stereotypes, have people see things in a different way.