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On December 3rd, we will again join the worldwide initiative that honors the United Nations’ International Day of Person with Disabilities, which is a human sculpture court, originated by Heidi Latsky Dance, that challenges the collective understanding of seeing and being seen. This year we are partnering with San Antonio based dance collective, SA Dance Fringe.

We will host two different hours on the 3rd of December for you to join ON DISPLAY GLOBAL 2021. One where you can join us from your home at 11-12pm CT. And other one virtual as well from 7-8pm CT.

Instructions how to participate:

  • Place your camera in a Horizontal position.  
  • Make sure your device is fully charged or connected to a power source. 
  • Check your Wifi connection. Stay in a place with a strong signal. 
  • Groups: Please use as many devices as possible, preferably one per person. 
  • Wardrobe: Wear all white clothing. No added accessories or makeup.

If you do not have all white clothing, place your camera to only show your torso, or head.

  • Know your space. Be fully aware and comfortable with the area you will be performing in.
  • “Rename” your Zoom account to your location. (City, Country)

(ex: Hobart, Australia/  NYC, USA / Boston, USA )

Please do this before you enter. It may take time so we recommend changing your name before December 3rd. 

Go to zoom.us -> Sign in -> on the left sidebar select “profile”-> on the top right select “edit” next to your name-> Click save changes.

If you do not have a zoom account, you will have the opportunity to rename as you enter the waiting room, but you will need to do this extremely quickly therefore we recommend creating a free zoom account beforehand. 

  • On December 3rd, click the provided zoom link 5 minutes before your selected time slot. 
  • As you enter the meeting, your microphone will be muted and your video will be on automatically.
  • An HLD representative will give you a few seconds (approx 20) before letting you in from the waiting room. Please use that time to get into your first pose, and make sure you are ready to go. 

** As soon as you are let in, the sculpture court begins.

  • Keep track of the time you committed to. You might want to set a timer or have someone else keep track. You are encouraged to continue after the time is up, or re-enter at another time, but must stay for at least your allotted time. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE before the time you’ve registered for, We are counting on your commitment to that time slot. 
  • When you are ready to end the sculpture court, please find an inconspicuous way to turn off your camera or leave the meeting. (On the bottom left corner of the zoom screen click “Stop Video”, or on the bottom right click “leave”) You may want to put your cursor on either button before you begin, so all you have to do is click. 
  • If you would like to continue watching as an audience member, you must turn off your camera and change out of / cover up your white clothing before you turn your camera back on. . You may also leave the meeting and re-enter after you have changed. 
  • If you would like to come back into the zoom room at any time as a performer, repeat the steps above. 
  • Please remember, the installation is 98% stillness. 


Links Below 

Webpage for the event 


Zoom link- for audience and performers 

We encourage audience members to join the zoom room to emulate a live sculpture court with audience members interspersed. You will have the options to pin performers, write in the chat, focus on one group, join the sculpture court yourself, or just observe.


Live stream link: 

The Live Stream is a great place for people to observe the sculpture court as a whole. Please note, This live stream will only show the first page of the zoom screen.


Training video:

Please use this video as a refresher, or as a warm up before performing. 

Training Video

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December 3
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Art Spark Texas, SA Dance Fringe